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If you hadn't already heard, I am currently taking some time off from the rat race and spending the winter back on St Thomas.  During this time, I will be exploring some intellectual pursuits that fell to the wayside over the past few years (like this blog!).  I wanted to share with you another one of those projects -  OMG Space Is Awesome! - Framed-prints of all things space.

I've been semi-obsessed with space for much of my life and every time I see a news release from NASA that includes some of their incredible imagery I think "Whoa! That would look awesome on my walls!"  However, having spent much of the last year on the road, I didn't really have any walls of my own to fulfill that dream (and let's not even get started on the size of airplane overhead bins!).  Now that I'm back in my St Thomas condo I knew it was the perfect time to re-explore printing some of these photos and getting them professionally framed.  In pursuing this, I thought others might be interested in these prints too.

I've spent many hours going through NASA's public archives and picked out some of the most beautiful, dramatic, and awe-inspiring images.  Partnering with a custom frame shop based out of NY, I am offering these gorgeous prints for sale online and shipped right to your door.  I have a few of these hanging on my wall right now and they are absolutely stunning.  I think you'll find something in here stunning as well.

I would be greatly appreciative of you taking a look at what I have or passing my site along to anyone you know who might be interested.  These prints make great gifts for space-nerds of all ages, whether providing inspiration in your living room, the kid's room, or your office.  I would also love any feedback or suggestions that you may have - whoa [at] omgspaceisawesome [dot] com

PS - If you find yourself in St Thomas this winter let's meet up and I'll buy you a drink :)

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