HN Who is Hiring Apr 2021 - Health Care and Life Sciences

Hi, I'm Jacob Flanders, President of Flybridge VI, a strategy consultancy focusing on data at the intersection of health care and life sciences.  I currently serve as the Vice President of Product for USRetina and a General Partner at The League Ventures.

From time to time I take a look at the monthly Hacker News Who is Hiring thread to see what healthcare and life-sciences start ups are out there and what they are working on.  Here are the companies from April 2021:

At Enzyme, we're building software that accelerates the time to market for medical products by automating FDA compliance.

SimBioSys develops tools to enable oncologists to predict how a patient would respond to treatment using physically-based computational simulations.

Reify Health accelerates the development of new and life-saving therapies by creatively connecting and empowering the clinical trial ecosystem.

Kaia Health is a digital therapeutics company that builds app-based therapies to counter back & joint pain as well as COPD.

Vinehealth is a digital health startup using behavioural science and artificial intelligence to optimise care, improve quality of life and increase survival of cancer patients.

At Elation Health we make tools for physicians and their patients that improve the efficiency and fidelity of their relationship, and help to make the delivery of excellent, proactive healthcare possible.

Kaiser Permanente Medical Informatics team develops clinical decision support, auditing, and virtual care solutions for Kaiser Permanente (KP).

At See-Mode, we help clinicians analyse medical images faster and more accurately and predict stroke using the latest advances in machine learning.

Brain monitoring is not easily accessible, interpretable or actionable. Beacon Biosignals is going to fix this, and we'd like you to help.

LCNeuro and MIT Julia Lab currently have a commitment from Silicon Valley philanthropists to support the development of a software platform for creating, simulating, and validating models of brain circuit dysregulation for psychiatric disorders (i.e., “computational psychiatry”).

HalloMarta provides software to connect caregivers with families across Europe. We believe that it is a right to receive proper care and age in dignity. In our own families, we have seen that the current products and services are deeply intransparent and fail to deliver adequate quality.

WELL Health is a SaaS digital health leader in patient communications and the 2021 Best in KLAS winner in Patient Outreach.

10x Genomics is a rapidly-growing biotech company that develops software, hardware, and chemistry to accelerate humanity's understanding of biology.

At One Medical, we are passionate about revolutionizing the healthcare industry by offering a new approach to primary care.

98point6 - our goal is to make access to primary care as easy as googling something, without needing to make a financial tradeoff.

At Turquoise Health, we are working to make US healthcare pricing simpler, more transparent and ultimately lower for everyone.

Truveris is a leading digital health company focused on delivering truth and clarity in pharmacy.

Adaxa Technologies creates software that powers dental insurance plans for over 4 million members across 8 states.

Trice Imaging is building a medical image management and communication system that runs in the cloud.

CareMessage is a non-profit dedicated to leveraging technology to help safety-net organizations fulfill the essential needs of underserved populations.

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