HN Who is Hiring Jan 2021 - Health Care and Life Sciences

Hi, I'm Jacob, President of Flybridge VI, a strategy consultancy focusing on data at the intersection of health care and life sciences.  I currently serve as the Vice President of Product for USRetina.

From time to time I take a look at the monthly Hacker News Who is Hiring thread to see what healthcare and life-sciences start ups are out there and what they are working on.  Here are the companies from Jan 2021:

The Reykjavik University Sleep Institute is highly inter-disciplinary, focused on revolutionising the data analysis and medical diagnostics for sleep apnea.

Benco Dental serves dentists across the U.S. working to drive dentistry forward with innovative solutions for our customers.

Compile has built Healthgraph, the most advanced health intelligence platform on the market. Our data is in use at 16 out of 25 of the world’s largest pharma companies, and has also been adopted by multiple high-growth biotechs.

OKKO Health believes that patients should spend quality time with doctors when they need it most (and safely avoid hospital when they don’t). Home-monitoring of vision between appointments will enable systems to deliver customised eye care and dynamic appointment schedules.

Elation Health makes tools for physicians and their patients that improve the efficiency and fidelity of their relationship, and help to make the delivery of excellent, proactive healthcare possible.

Reverie Labs is rethinking drug discovery by building a biotech company that looks and feels like a tech company.

HealthRhythms is working to make it easy to measure and care for everyone’s mental health by building products that leverage real-time mobile measurements with data analysis and modeling to create truly personalized just-in-time interventions.. is a health-tech startup that specializes in applications for mental health clinics. Our mission is to help advance innovative mental health treatments, such as those ranging from FDA-approved psychedelics to neuromodulation. We do this through our EMR and related applications that allow us to analyze data to help doctors deliver better care.

Cohere Health is simplifying healthcare for patients, their doctors, and all those who are important in a patient’s healthcare experience, both in and out of the doctors office. We build software that is expressly designed to ensure the appropriate plan of care is understood and expeditiously approved, so that patients and doctors can focus on health, rather than payment or administrative hassles.

10x Genomics is a rapidly-growing biotech company that develops software, hardware, and chemistry that enable researchers to study diseases such as coronavirus, cancer, and Alzheimer's at unprecedented resolution.

Beacon Biosignals AI platform for EEG enables and accelerates new treatments that transform the lives of patients with neurological and psychiatric disease.

Ovia Health is the leading family health and technology company for women and families on their reproductive health journeys.

Healex is a digital health startup from Cologne, developing platforms for clinical trials, clinical documentation, clinical research and FHIR based infrastructures.

DrChrono builds better software for doctors and patients and improve healthcare for all.

EnsoData automates analysis of physiological waveform data with artificial-intelligence-powered software and services for clinicians. EnsoSleep, uses deep learning to save clinicians hundreds of hours per month by automating sleep study analysis.

Nuna builds data and analytics solutions that will help shift the US healthcare system to one based on value and quality.

Omada Health builds products to help individuals control type 2 diabetes and hypertension, depression and anxiety and more recently, physical therapy.

CHOP Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Bioinformatics team at the Division of Genomic Diagnostics Clinical Laboratory.

Navio is a seed-stage company building software tools that help cancer patients and their doctors navigate to a better standard of care.

SimBioSys is a technology company on a mission to deploy Computational Oncology to transform decision making and patient experience in Cancer Care.

CareMessage web-based platform allows healthcare providers to reduce no-shows, increase attendance to preventive care screenings, and improve chronic disease management - all via simple “nudges” sent through text message.

Entia creates comprehensive home monitoring solutions that allow users to take control of their treatment from innovative self-testing blood analysers to digital health solutions.

Prenosis is an early stage molecular diagnostics company specializing in infectious disease and critical care.

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