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Hi, I'm Jacob Flanders, President of Flybridge VI, a strategy consultancy focusing on data at the intersection of health care and life sciences.  I currently serve as the Vice President of Product for USRetina.

From time to time I take a look at the monthly Hacker News Who is Hiring thread to see what healthcare and life-sciences start ups are out there and what they are working on.  Here are the companies from January 2022:

St. Jude Cloud at St Jude Children's Research Hospital is applying advanced computational techniques to analyzing genomics data then sharing that data with the world

Sameday Health offers quality, personalized care wherever you are, including in our clinics, or at your door.

Uncountable accelerates R&D for industrial scientists across leading materials, chemicals, and life sciences organizations.

Rite Aid is developing an innovative digital telehealth product to deliver a modern healthcare experience that saves customers time, money, and aggravation.

Lindus Health is building the world’s first full stack clinical trial platform, to conduct faster, safer clinical trials on behalf of companies developing new treatments, and lowering the barriers to participation for patients.

Compile has built the most advanced health intelligence platform on the market. Our data is in use at 16 out of 25 of the world’s largest pharma companies, and has also been adopted by multiple high-growth biotechs.

Mae provides equitable access to clinically-validated strategies and interventions supporting best-in-class maternal health outcomes.

McKesson / Ontada supports a number of oncology-related systems like iKnowMed EHR.

Curai is a health tech that runs a virtual primary care clinic and leverages machine learning to help doctors work more quickly and effectively.

Lively is on a mission to empower tens of millions of people to hear better through affordable, convenient, hearing care — at a fraction of the cost thanks to telemedicine.

Reverie Labs is rethinking drug discovery by building a biotech company that looks and feels like a tech company.

Ovia Health is the leading family health and technology company for women and families on their reproductive health journeys.

Cedar is a health-tech and fintech company focused on reimagining how patients engage with the increasingly complicated and expensive healthcare system.

The Allen Institute for Cell Science has a mission to create multi-scale visual models of cell organization, dynamics, and activities.

Meliora Therapeutics is seed-stage biotech startup leveraging modern genomics and machine learning to discover and develop cancer drugs.

Grow Therapy is creating game-changing technology to build America’s biggest behavioral healthcare group and ensure that anyone can afford quality mental healthcare.

Beacon Biosignals is making brain monitoring easily accessible, interpretable and actionable.

At Elation Health we make tools for physicians and their patients that improve the efficiency and fidelity of their relationship, and help to make the delivery of excellent, proactive healthcare possible.

Sana Benefits is trying to improve the health insurance industry by helping small businesses and medium sized companies.

Nobias Therapeutics is a new pharma startup using a variety of AI tools to speed drug development. is building the next generation of tools to accelerate biomedical research using AI and NLP.

Ritual is a direct-to-consumer health brand that believes it’s crucial to know not just what you’re putting into your body, but why you need it in the first place.

Truepill is a full cycle healthcare product that enables patients to virtually visit doctors, receive at-home tests and prescriptions, and monitor any medications or visits through our app.

IOMED is working hard to make clinical research faster, accessible and ubiquitous.

SmarterDx aims to automate large portions of health care revenue cycle, starting with a niche area in physician documentation.

Warby Parker pioneers ideas, designs products, and develops technologies that help people see.

Lightmatter brand, design, and develop web and mobile applications for startups in health.

Stealth Healthtech Co is a company selling technology to health systems / hospitals.

Patients Know Best is building Europe's biggest patient-held health record platform.

Daybreak Health's mission is to create a world where every young person benefits from mental health support.

August Health is working with some of the largest senior care organizations in the country.

Numan helps men help themselves be healthier.

Mantra Health is a digital mental health clinic on a mission to improve young peoples' mental healthcare access.

Ambiki is a web application for pediatric speech, occupational, and physical therapists.

Automate Medical has an open core "Plaid for health" devtools product.

Shape Therapeutics is a biotechnology company developing breakthrough gene therapy technologies to treat the world’s most challenging diseases.

Colossal Biosciences is a genetic engineering company building new technologies to advance the field of genomics.

Spatial Quotient builds wearable technology that gathers real-time data on how people move around hospitals.

Incredible Health is a hiring platform for nurses.

accuRx is building a patient-centred healthcare communications platform.

10x Genomics is a biotech company that creates software, hardware, and chemistry to accelerate humanity's understanding of biology.

Intuitive Surgical is a pioneer in robotic-assisted surgery.

Bainbridge Health works with leading hospital pharmacies across the United States to translate data into actionable clinical and supply chain insights.

Nuna builds data and analytics solutions that will help shift the US healthcare system to one based on value and quality.

Kaizen Health provides a web app for hospitals, nursing homes, and others to book non-emergency medical transportation for their clients.

Genospace is a precision medicine and healthcare analytics software company focused on making high dimensional healthcare data more useful and accessible in research and everyday patient care.

MedSec is exclusively dedicated to the unique challenge of medical device and healthcare cybersecurity.

HealthVerity built privacy protecting de-identification and data-linking software that has a huge impact providing real-world insights into everyday issues.

Clever Logger provides wireless temperature monitoring for products such as vaccine and food fridges.

Genesis Therapeutics is a hybrid AI + biotech start-up, developing novel deep learning and molecular simulation techniques to predict molecular properties and using them to accelerate the development of new medicines.

Curative has run >24m covid tests and >2m vaccinations in the US and is now expanding into building a new vertically integrated healthcare platform.

LUMICKS builds two of the most exciting instruments in life sciences, C-Trap and z-Movi.

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