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Hi, I'm Jacob Flanders, President of Flybridge VI, a strategy consultancy focusing on data at the intersection of health care and life sciences. I currently serve as the Vice President of Product for USRetina.

From time to time I take a look at the monthly Hacker News Who is Hiring thread to see what healthcare and life-sciences start ups are out there and what they are working on. Here are the companies from June 2022:

SmarterDx use EMR data + A.I. to ensure that the recorded diagnoses for each patient match the underlying clinical care they received.

Serotiny invents synthetic proteins to treat cancer and genetic diseases.

The Paul G. Allen School for Global Health (Allen School) at Washington State University (WSU) is researching zoonotic pathogens, antimicrobial resistance, and other pressing global health challenges.

Neuralink is creating the future of brain interfaces: building devices now that will help people with paralysis and inventing new technologies that will expand our abilities, our community, and our world.

Rhyme is removing the friction in communication between healthcare providers and payers in delivering care to patients by automating the prior authorization and provider/payer communication process.

Nobias is a new pharma startup using a variety of AI tools to accelerate drug development and drive towards predictable discovery.

Enhanc3D Genomics is building a functional genomics platform based on measuring the 3D conformation of DNA, opening up novel avenues for therapeutic and diagnostic development.

Flourish Health provides family-focused therapy to adolescents with serious mental illness (schizophrenia, bipolar, manic depression, etc)

Circle Wave are building a digital platform to streamline and automate healthcare providers' staff management processes from CV to payslip.

The Edge, acquired by Instem, writes web software for preclinical trial management, BioRails.

At Johnson & Johnson Robotics and Digital Solutions, we’re changing the trajectory of health for humanity, using robotics to enhance healthcare providers’ abilities and improve patients’ diagnoses, treatments, and recovery times.

At Reverie Labs, we’re rethinking drug discovery by building a biotech company that looks and feels like a tech company. We are actively working on several cancer therapeutics programs and building an internal platform to accelerate discovery.

Doximity provides its verified clinical membership with digital tools built for medicine, enabling them to collaborate with colleagues, stay up to date with the latest medical news and research, manage their careers and conduct virtual patient visits.

Beacon Biosignals engineers the future of brain health analytics.

The Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine (HJF) @ Naval Medical Center San Diego is teaching machines to diagnose cancer in a collaborative research and development environment.

Gaia Family combines reproductive health data with financial technology to make IVF treatments more accessible, affordable and individual.

Faliam is building the go-to platform for buying and selling healthcare supplies.

Eleanor Health is the first outpatient addiction and mental health provider delivering convenient and comprehensive care through a value-based payment structure.

Treatment Technologies & Insights, Inc. (TTI) aims to improve treatment experiences and outcomes for cancer and chronic illness patients. We develop custom software and mobile applications to help patients manage their treatment and generate insights on their personal experiences with high acuity or chronic conditions.

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals is working to robustly bring RNAi therapeutics to patients around the world.

Monument is an online platform for those looking to change their relationship with alcohol. We connect members to a free anonymous community, therapist-led groups and a collection of resources to provide the support and information they deserve.

Whisper is building a new kind of hearing aid that comes with a small pocket unit which has 1800x the compute of a behind-the-ear hearing aid. This allows us to run much more sophisticated deep learning models to remove background noise.

Genomenon is an AI-driven genomics company that organizes the world’s genomic knowledge and puts it at the fingertips of clinicians to help diagnose and treat patients suffering from rare diseases and cancer, and to help precision medicine companies create targeted therapies for diseases.

EnsoData automates sleep study scoring and give sleep clinicians tools to find and help patients with sleep disorders.

Navio is a startup building software tools that help cancer patients and their doctors navigate to a better standard of care.

BioFire's syndromic approach to infectious molecular diagnostics provides solutions that lessen the time to medical results and empower healthcare professionals to make better diagnostic decisions.

Clipboard Health helps match nurses with short-staffed healthcare facilities.

At Atomwise, we invented the first deep learning neural networks for structure-based small molecule drug discovery and we’re currently deploying it in one of the largest applications of machine learning for life sciences.

Anagenex is a seed stage biotechnology company building a novel platform for drug discovery focusing on difficult targets.

Inscopix is developing and providing neurotechnologies for real-time brain mapping.

Flexpa is the fastest way for your digital health app to connect to new Patient Access APIs.

Virta Health is the first company with a clinically-proven treatment to safely and sustainably reverse type-2 diabetes without the use of medications or surgery.

At Genpax our goal is to radically increase the utility, scalability, and speed with which genome sequencing data delivers infection control solutions for human and animal healthcare worldwide.

At PathAI, we're dedicated to improving patient outcomes with reliable AI-Powered technology and meaningful collaboration with biopharma, laboratories, and clinicians — aiming to provide patients with access to accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.

OnLume Surgical is a medical device company providing surgeons with critical information on tissue types, features, and function in real-time during surgery through fluorescence.

Relevant Healthcare builds a data platform that helps safety-net healthcare providers deliver better care using data in their electronic health records.

CareRev's mission is to seamlessly connect healthcare facilities and professionals.

Ria Health rapidly improves people's lives with a simple, online alcohol treatment program that works.

DocSpot helps people find doctors.

98point6 is building the future of healthcare by providing 24/7 on-demand text-based healthcare to patients and automating the work of our physicians to drive down costs.

At Ryberg we engineer disinfection robots that help hospitals disinfect their rooms to prevent hospital acquired diseases.

Genesis Therapeutics is a hybrid AI + biotech start-up, developing novel deep learning and molecular simulation techniques to predict molecular properties and using them to accelerate the development of new medicines.

Lief Therapeutics is revolutionizing mental health through a wearable smart patch that automatically diagnoses and treats the most common mental health conditions.

Novo Nordisk is one of the biggest producers of insulin in the world, our department helps with cloud infrastructure for data engineers and data scientists.

Curai runs a virtual primary care clinic and leverages machine learning to help doctors work more quickly and effectively.

The St. Jude Cloud works on the forefront of computational genomics by applying advanced computational techniques to analyze genomics data then sharing that data with the world.

Ovia Health, a Labcorp subsidiary, is the leading family health and technology company for women and families on their reproductive health journeys. Our mobile apps and comprehensive digital solutions for fertility, pregnancy, and parenting empower people to take control of their health and navigate parenthood with confidence.

Healthie is a comprehensive software that serves as the underlying infrastructure for digital health organizations of all sizes.

Curative is refactoring healthcare. We've run >30m covid tests and >2m vaccinations in the US. We're now expanding into building a new vertically integrated healthcare platform.

MedSec is exclusively dedicated to the unique challenge of medical devices and healthcare cybersecurity.

Nuna’s technology platform, our software apps, our vision, and our exceptionally talented team are collectively accelerating the healthcare system’s ability to make value-based care available to everyone.

Basil Systems is a healthcare-focused start-up delivering a SaaS application that leverages market data to support businesses in the medical device and drug industries.

CarePaths has been at the center of Behavioral Health for over 20 years serving group, private practices, and more with a robust ONC Certified platform to treat patients, perform teletherapy, take payments and insurance, and grow their practices.

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