Quick Take Aways From Michael Mayer on Invest Like the Best

Some thoughts (not necessarily endorsements!) that I took away from Michael Mayer – Pseudonymous Social Capital and Bottomless Coffee – [Invest Like the Best, EP.123] (overcast)

  • Remove the lowest quality [media | food | habit] from your "diet", continually
  • Make the real world legible to computers - re-frame problems in terms of information theory
  • Spaced repetition for learning / consuming - IFTTT for favorited tweets into spaces repetition app
  • Dig into the difference between averages and quartiles
    • Education targets the average and so you lose the top and bottom quartiles. W.r.t. equality, providing “equal” education may result in poorer outcomes due to this drop out. Providing unequal education that’s more targeted at each quartile may reduce drop-outs and generate better outcomes, despite being "unequal"
    • Health care quality has a minimum acceptable offering, which cuts off the bottom. If we provide health care at half the quality would we increase the outcomes for the people currently without health care due to drop out?
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